Intruder Alarm Systems

Installation of intruder alarm systems

We specialise in the installation of wired and wireless alarm systems, with or without landline/GSM diallers, for both residential and commercial properties. If your property has a landline/GSM dialler, our systems will contact you immediately if the alarm is triggered. We work mainly with Honeywell, Pyronix and Visonic alarm systems, but have experience in dealing with all types of alarms.

In addition to the normal anti-burglar sensors for doors and windows (glass-break sensors), and the usual motion sensors, our systems can incorporate smoke and heat detectors. These are all integrated into the dialler and will alert you right away if anything untoward is detected.

Whether it’s home security or for commercial premises, depending on your insurance company, your premiums may be reduced if you have an alarm system installed. We can provide documentation for this if necessary.

Maintenance/upgrade of security systems

Generally, alarms need to be properly maintained at regular intervals to comply with your insurance policy. We are happy to provide one-off or ongoing maintenance of alarms systems, or provide upgrades to equipment if necessary.

Repair of existing burglar alarms

Whether or not we installed your original alarm system, we will come out and repair any broken or damaged equipment. We can fix existing components, or install new ones if required, and get your alarm back to working order.

For further information, you can get in touch with Arthur on 07872938639. We provide free quotations, and will even come out and survey your property without any charge.

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